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More Bad Reviews for Castlewood

Updated: May 8, 2021

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Just to be very clear my review is speaking to things I know to be going on at Castlewood right now, 2017. This place is one of the most dangerous places one can go. People walk in with no or relatively minor trauma and walk out with huge extensive serious trauma histories that they suddenly "remembered" while at Castlewood and diagnoses of DID (multiple personalities) - again with no history of dissociation whatsoever. The above review is correct- it is extremely similar behavior to what they were doing when they were taken to court. And Castlewood will tell you that the people who were named in that lawsuit are no longer with the company, which is true, but don't let that fool you..... The current CEO and clinical director worked underneath the people in the lawsuit and they still use the therapy that was founded by the guy that was sued. Internal Family Systems, look it up, there's no scientific backing of this therapy whatsoever (even though Castlewood claim to only use empirically valid therapies - not true). If you are still considering this place my advice - do thorough research. Look at every review page there is (google, yelp - even the ones that review Castlewood as a place to work speak to this problem). I know all places have bad and good reviews but ask yourself how many other places have you seen whose bad reviews say this sort of stuff. There are so many treatment centers out there, so please, don't risk it. Its not worth it. The lawsuits, the continued reviews of similar things happening. This is not the place to help you. It's not worth the risk.

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