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KMOV St. Louis Exposes Alsana Castlewood

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

BALLWIN, Mo. ( -- Alsana, formerly known as Castlewood Treatment Center in the Ballwin area is currently undergoing an internal investigation after allegations of inappropriate conduct, according to a statement obtained by KMOV.

The eating disorder recovery center says they are halting all new client admissions at their residential programs in St. Louis County and Franklin County as well as their outpatient program in St. Louis.

“We recently learned that Alsana direct care employees may have been involved in inappropriate conduct involving a client receiving outpatient care at our St. Louis program. Based on our initial review, the allegations involve significant violations of company policy, and we have taken immediate action, including terminating employees,” reads the statement from CEO Gayle Devin.

Fourth lawsuit filed against Castlewood Treatment Center over implanted memory A 4th lawsuit has been filed against the Castlewood Treatment Center, a residential treatment program for women with eating disorders. The latest suit, filed last Friday, claims the center planted false memories of abuse...

KMOV has investigated allegations against Castlewood Treatment Center dating back to 2012 when the facility was accused of brainwashing patients and implanting fake memories of satanic abuse. Several lawsuits were filed against the company for malpractice but those have since been resolved according to attorneys involved.

The company which has programs in Missouri, California and Alabama, got a new CEO in 2021 but previous victims say nothing has changed.

“They tried to change but they didn’t” said Bobby Lerz, who founded the organization Castlewood Victims Unite. The Lerz family founded the support group after sending their daughter to the Ballwin area treatment facility in 2011. Hear more from them on KMOV News 4 at 10:00 - 01/27/2022

Alsana says they have retained outside legal counsel to conduct a rigorous internal investigation into these allegations.

St. Louis County Police say they have not taken any reports of criminal allegations at the facility.


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