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NO, Alsana is NOT Safe; It's just a name change

Updated: Feb 20, 2022


So, the new CEO of Alsana, Jennifer Steiner, did an interview with Blythe Bernhard of the St. Louis Dispatch, and it went just as terribly as you would expect for Alsana - Castlewood Treatment Center. We'll get there in a second.

The most insufferable, unsurprising part happened before the interview itself, When Riverside Company, the owner's "new" Alsana owner, attempted to scrub Castlewood's existence from the earth. In theory, this is a good thing. We've been calling for actual accountability from Castlewood ever since the first of five lawsuits were filed in 2012, and this is a theoretical step in that direction. Dumping a 20 year established brand and the actual building representing the very essence of "Castlewood" took some courage. But, guys... the new CEO, Jennifer Crute Steiner, is not being honest here.

Example: They're supposed to have implemented an entirely new team and culture. That's "implemented" with zero examples of who these people are or how their treatment philosophy is different. Hmmm. That's interesting. Meanwhile, Alsana - Castlewood Alumni confirmed to CVU that many staff members remain. For example, Nicole Siegfried, Rebecca Baker, and Lolly Williams all remained employed at Alsana and were trained by none other than the founder of Castlewood Treatment Center, Mark Schwartz. The same Mark Schwartz, who in 2017 was forced to step down as Clinical Director, was censured by the Missouri licensing board and ultimately lost his license to practice in MO.

Nicole Siegfried, a longtime employee at Castlewood, was also censured for failure to document professional work, maintain records, engaging in multiple relationships, patient harm, and an exploitative relationship. Yet, she was recently promoted by Alsana to a position of authority anyway. Dozens of former Alsana - Castlewood patients have complained to us about both Baker and Williams's excessive pressure to recall sexual abuse. Even when the patients insisted that no such trauma happened to them, the therapists insist that they have blocked it out and don't want to remember. This form of brainwashing is why so many Alsana - Castlewood patients develop false memories of abuse. I would expect nothing less from this disreputable company. Doesn't sound like a "totally new team and new culture" to me, Ms. Steiner.

According to a company spokeswoman, more than 90 percent of the 288 patients discharged from the clinics between September 2017 and June said they would recommend the programs to others. I'm very, extremely surprised. Much shock, though I highly doubt that number is accurate. How did they collect this statistical data? From discharge interviews or a survey. Was it conducted at all locations? Former patients who contact Castlewood Victim's Unite often don't share their true feelings about the organization at discharge because they don't want to risk an extended stay at Castlewood. Instead, they tell the discharge team what they want to hear so they can get the hell out of there. But still, I really hope they are making progress.

Robot CEO, Jennifer Steiner, appears to be so confused by how much she had to pretend she didn't know that she malfunctioned and had to revert to the fail-safe, "I'm focusing on what I'm doing and what I'm building. The name Castlewood reflects a company that looks nothing like what my company is today."

"Implemented" and "building" are not the same thing. That's why they're two different terms. One of them is done, and one of them isn't. Stop lying to make yourself look better than you are, Ms. Steiner. Another new CEO, a new name, but it's business as usual at Alsana - Castlewood. It's like we're dealing with 1st graders again and again and again.

It's not one doctor, It's not one time, It's EVERYWHERE at Castlewood Treatment Centers - Alsana.

Hearing about situations like this also reminds me why it's especially awful that all those Castlewood Treatment Centers- Alsana doctors tried to defend the circumstances at the facility. It was no big deal, you guys because the "treatment professionals" were there to take care of anything the patients needed.

Were they, though? Were they?

"Hi, would you like to spend several months in the middle of a forest chaperoned only by people who brainwash patients that are trying desperately to recover from an eating disorder? But don't worry, at night false memories will form in your brain at night."


Total sarcasm, in case I didn't make myself clear.



Castlewood Victims Unite

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