Zero Accountability for Dr. Mark F. Schwartz of Harmony Place Monterey

Updated: May 18, 2021

Mark Schwartz who was sued by four women for brainwashing them at Castlewood Treatment Center for eating disorders is no longer leading the Castlewood Treatment Center and has moved onto a much smaller store-front facility called Harmony Place, Monterey.

Mark Schwartz, who founded the west St. Louis County inpatient center about 16 years ago, was listed as a staff member on the websites of Castlewood and Monarch Cove facility in northern California. The references have since been removed. Schwartz and his partner Lori Galperin stepped down from daily operation of the centers in December, 2013.

Nancy Albus, who previously worked as a director at Castlewood, was elected CEO in December by the board of directors, which included Schwartz and Galperin before they stepped down.