Castlewood Treatment Center attempts to Hide D.I.D. and Hypnosis Treatment

Castlewood Treatment Center and the quack therapists who use dangerous therapeutic techniques need to be held accountable for all those who were harmed by them. Yes, we stipulate that many people are lucky having been actually helped after a stay at the Castlewood Treatment Center. Perhaps not all the therapists there are harmful. But what about all the people who weren't so lucky? What are we supposed to do with our shattered lives?

Castlewood Treatment Center claims that they do not use hypnosis anymore, so they rebrand it as "guided imagery therapy" instead. The new CEO, Nancy Albus claims that Castlewood Treatment Center has gone in a "new direction" since the ousting of co-founders Mark Schwartz and Lori Galperin. But from what I can tell the problem is far bigger than the both of them, and it is a long way from being resolved.

A few days ago I found a bunch of Castlewood Treatment Center posts on a free business promotion site called Content promoting hypnosis and treatment of dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D) at The Castlewood Treatment Center. They must have forgotten about the site. Maybe the new hired PR firm or whoever is responsible for Castlewood Treatment Center's online presence doesn't know how much Mark Schwartz liked to publish and pontificate about his long-debunked and dangerous therapeutic techniques. I know this much, as they have done in the past, they will deny that anyone at Castlewood Treatment Center posted this material. The content will disappear soon afterwards. That is why I saved screenshots of it all. Here's a small sample of what's there.

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