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HIPAA Violations at Alsana Castlewood

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

A Missouri Law Firm presently has a strong HIPAA case open against Alsana Castlewood. Those attorneys reached out to us for some background info. They are aggressively pursuing that case, and are very open to hearing other folks' HIPAA experiences and concerns with Castlewood. Privacy is so important in ED struggles. We wish this firm and their client good luck! Here is their message:

Seeking to talk to anyone who has had their HIPAA rights violated by Alsana, specifically if any Alsana Castlewood staff member has shared your protected health information with anyone without your consent. This could include posting your protected health information on social media online, using your protected health information in an educational presentation without your consent (even if they simply took your name off of it), or telling someone who is not authorized about your treatment or condition.

Contact Alex Wolff

Morgan & Morgan P: (314) 955-1045

F: (314) 955-1069

A: 200 N. Broadway Suite 720, St. Louis, MO 63102


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