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Alsana Psychiatrist Guilty of Practicing Without a License, Shocker!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Dr. Narsimha Muddasani, listed on the (Castlewood) website (with no pic or bio) as the Psychiatrist for the St. Louis location has a dubious past. He graduated from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Barkatulla Vishwavidyalaya medical school in 1986. Our investigations indicate that Dr. Muddasani is currently licensed to practice medicine in Missouri. But what kind of background-check and vetting processes does Alsana use when onboarding staff?

In 2007 Dr. Muddasani was Publically Reprimanded by the licensing board in Missouri for practicing without a license.

Muddasani Reprimand Missouri 2007
Download PDF • 419KB

In 2013 Dr. Muddasani was Publically Reprimanded and Fined by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services after he entered into an Integrity Agreement in December 2013. License # 036- 089128

Muddasani reprimand Illinois 2013
Download PDF • 68KB

In 2017 Dr. Muddasani was Publically Reprimanded and Fined by the Texas Medical Board. License #H8766

Muddasani Reprimand Texas 2017
Download PDF • 750KB

He also received 23 one star reviews on the website Healthgrades.


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