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Castlewood Treatment Center employee disrespect

Guess what?... It's NOT good.

Self Serving

Supervisor (Former Employee) – St. Louis, MO –March 26, 2018

It is odd to work in a service industry and come into contact with so many self serving upper management. They don't care how toxic or dangerous things become for their staff. They don't even care when this occurs for their patients. They don't follow the staffing ratios they were certified on. Also they fire people without cause which means there is no job security and the potentially longer term staff leave for fear of eventually losing their job. I was the latter, but saw many great staff be the former.

New owners may mean well but aren’t around enough to see how hostile the work environment is.

On-Site Supervisor (Former Employee) – St. Louis, MO – February 27, 2018

-lacks clear communication -new STL leadership is a giant, self serving click -right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing -empty promises that things will improve -lots of “chiefs” no “Indians” in the trenches. -low pay -low moral - zero job security

highly stressful and lack of managerial support

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) – Ballwin, MO – February 23, 2018

This is by far the worst employer I have ever worked for. Managers are terrible. No support, very cut throat... They pit staff against each other and allow clients to overstep boundaries. The managers play favorites. They lied about accommodating schedules. You're left to fend for yourself and then penalized if you make a wrong decision. Ever day was, like walking on eggshells. The amount of work does not equivalent to the level of pay.

Poor management, poor communication, awful experience

Intern Therapist (Former Employee) – St. Louis, MO – January 19, 2018

Wouldn't recommend interning or working at Castlewood. Unwelcoming and catty therapists, judgmental clinical supervision. As an interning student therapist, I often felt attacked and as though my motives for various decisions were questioned. I've also heard of people being offered jobs at Castlewood and right when they were supposed to start (and after they had left other jobs, completed all necessary screens for employment), Castlewood then informed them that the position no longer existed. Very unprofessional and inconsiderate.

In constant flux

Program Director (Current Employee) – Monterey, CA – October 22, 2017

I believe greatly in the work being done, however, the organizational structure of the organization has shifted many times and this has caused a culture that is shifting regularly. Castlewood's philosophy and modalities are amazing, but they have just not had the chance to experience structured management or an org chart that creates clarity.

Don't work here!

Direct Care Counselor (Former Employee) – Ballwin, MO – February 22, 2017

They lie about the hours to get you to work there, then they over work you, constantly give you a different schedule so you can't make any plans, bully the employees, dismiss the issues with the clients that should be addressed. Their "benefits" are not benefits; you have to pay for everything. Their "tuition reimbursement" isn't really a "reimbursement," because you have to pay it back by signing a contract that you will work for a year for only $1500! Their scheduling is horrible, they make sure you never have time off during the week, after working you into the ground. The employees are very "clique-ish." I learned more from the clients in group session than I did any "training" from the staff. Watch the News videos on Youtube regarding Castlewood before you work there. Every patient has the same diagnosis of "multiple personalities," and if they don't have it when they come in as a patient, they develop the symptoms after being told to "contact their other person in their body." They require you to pay $170 for two hepatitis C shots that you do not get reimbursed for, and they require you to have a Class E license, then have the nerve to ask you to use your own vehicle for transporting patients while not reimbursing you for gas, oil, tires, or vehicle insurance that you are required to provide so you can have the patients covered in case of an accident. It's a lousy place to work!

Disorganized, poor communication

declined (Former Employee) – St. Louis, MO – August 29, 2016

I believe that the staff cares about patients and does a good job caring for them but the job training is non-existent and communication is severely lacking. There seems to be a lot of turnover and many people do not know who should be handling certain duties including new hires not knowing what their job entails. Additionally, staff members are not particularly welcoming but this is probably due to everyone being overworked.

Overworked and Underappreciated

Direct Care Counselor (Former Employee) – Ballwin, MO – April 27, 2015

Direct Care Counselors are responsible for managing the client milieu from either 7am-3pm or 2:30pm-10:30pm. This job is heavy on nights and weekends. It is a high stress environment where you will have very little support. Opportunities for advancement are few and take a long time to come across. Many recent grads from therapy programs take this job hoping to become therapists in 6-12 months, but that timeline is not realistic. The company as a whole is disorganized with a high turnover rate in staff.

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