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Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Just when you think it cannot get worse…

[Castlewood continues to market itself to the general public as Alsana. That topic will be the subject of a future article. I will continue to refer to them as what they really are … Castlewood.]

As of Friday, December 17, 2021, despite having actual knowledge of Brittney Gibbs’ predatory nature, Gibbs remained an employee of Castlewood. An employee conducting group sessions. An employee conducting individual sessions. With your children. With your loved ones.

For approximately four (4) weeks:

Castlewood has had actual knowledge about Gibbs’ background.

Castlewood has had actual knowledge about the reprehensible acts committed by Gibbs.

Castlewood has had actual knowledge as to her horrific statements.

Castlewood has had actual knowledge that Gibbs likes to hurt people because it makes her feel good.

Castlewood has had actual knowledge that she has harmed patients at their St. Louis facility.

And Castlewood’s response?

It has publicly done … nothing.

To review, these were some of Gibbs’ statements just two years ago along with some of her very recent communications with patients at Castlewood:

“And proud of you for not listening or allowing your mother to tell you to continue to be abused. You have others supporting you and see what [Husband] is doing. They will in time but who cares.” “You have to do what is right for you and your boys and that’s happy healthy peace love. [Husband] is none of that your doing.”

“Everything has to be strategic. There are no emotions when talking to him [Husband] strictly strategic to get full custody and spouse and child support.”

“Fuck love. Love hurts. Get a hobby.”

“Can you see if there’s a [arrest] warrant out?” [for the arrest of Gibbs]

“Apart of me is sad that I upset you becuz of my pain but that’s what I am practicing telling my friends when I’m drownin and I’m not perfect it gets dark sometimes I forget all the good I didn’t mean to scare you but I was honest you made me promise to do that.”

I reflected and realized I hurt others on purpose because it makes me feel good.” … “There’s a darkness in me …”

“I can be toxic to the people I love.”

I participated in the toxic behaviors I didn’t know any better, and sometimes I knew better but did not care.” “But, some days I hate myself, and I cause hell in other people’s lives.”

“One day I wont say things to people strictly to hurt them.”

“I became strong built from rage, and hate.”

That is the type of predator Castlewood is employing and refusing to fire. And now, Gibbs’ actions are escalating in that she is defying the legal system as she hopes to hide evidence of her reprehensible conduct and character.

Gibbs, while Castlewood’s employee, destroyed material evidence.

On November 23, 2021, Castlewood was advised through its attorneys about some of Gibbs’ reprehensible conduct. Demand was also made to preserve all electronic evidence and information. The preservation of this information is crucial to the litigation process. Especially since if a bad actor knows she has possession of damning information, they could do all within their power to hide or destroy this evidence.

The following demand was made:

“In order to protect any other patient who may have been, or who continues to be subjected to Ms. Gibbs’ mental and emotional abuse and implantation of repressed memories, demand is herein made for an immediate investigation into Ms. Gibbs, including having Ms. Gibbs turn over all of her social media posts, including but not limited to Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, reddit, Tumblr, WhatsApp, YouTube, twitter, Pinterest, and others, text messages, recordings of telephone calls, emails and any and all communications she has had with patients of Castlewood or who may have had any contact or communications with her from the first day of her employment to date. Further, demand is made that Ms. Gibbs be prevented from erasing, changing, deleting or altering in any manner, any such communication.”

In law, this demand is called a “spoliation notice.” When an attorney sends a spoliation letter you are putting the other party on notice that documents or items in their possession may be used to prove your claim and that they are, therefore, responsible for preserving them. In other words, you are notifying the other party of their duty not to destroy evidence. Failing to preserve these items after receiving such a notice will result in sanctions being imposed on the defendant and could give rise to the presumption that the evidence would have been harmful to their defense and instruction may be given to the jury to make such an adverse inference.

So, in response to the November 23 letter, what did Castlewood and Gibbs do? Instead of preserving all evidence, Gibbs first deleted her Tik Tok account. Her Tik Tok account allegedly contained numerous videos, some of which are directly related to the claims made.

Then, after the last article was published, Gibbs, while an employee of Castlewood escalated her bad faith conduct by deleting her Twitter account. Gibbs’ past misconduct and character flaws were set forth in her own articles on that Twitter account. So, contrary to the requirements of the legal system, Gibbs, while an employee of Castlewood destroyed relevant evidence.

Four (4) weeks have elapsed since the November 23 demand. Four (4) weeks to conduct an investigation. Four (4) weeks to determine whether the complaints have merit and take action. And yet, as of last Friday, Gibbs was still employed by Castlewood.

As such, there are only two (2) logical conclusions which can be drawn:

(1). That Castlewood conducted its investigation and determined that Gibbs’ conduct and statements did not merit her being supervised, suspended or fired, or;

(2). That Castlewood did not conduct any investigation at all.

If the first conclusion is applicable, then Castlewood stands behind Gibbs. Gibbs’ actions are Castlewood’s actions. She is the type of employee they welcome, and they believe she did nothing wrong. If the second conclusion applies, then Castlewood’s conduct is grossly negligent.

So, which is it?

Do they stand arm-in-arm with a predator whose strength is derived from hate and rage, a predator who hurts people because it makes her feel good, a person who destroys evidence? Or is Castlewood grossly negligent by not conducting an investigation and by such, continues to subject their patients to a predator?

Whichever is the case, the legal system will sort through Castlewood’s conduct. The legal system will determine Castlewood’s fate.

Certainly, the legal system knows how to handle treatment centers that are arrogant, blind, callous and who allow a predator to prey on the vulnerable. The eating disorder community may not know how to police its own. But, third parties, including the legal system, federal agencies and the Joint Commission do. And now it is Gibbs’ turn to be afraid. Gibbs, along with her employer, Castlewood have become the prey.

And certainly, I, along with the legal system, will show Castlewood the same amount of mercy that its predator employee showed to her victims, those persons she harmed.

Sine missione.

Author: Steven Dunn


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