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Sexual Assault and Battery Among Allegations in 8th Patient Lawsuit Against Alsana Castlewood

2nd Case filed in Federal Court

Case: 4:22-cv-00226

Filed 02/24/22

Alsana Castlewood Behavioral Health Technician, Austin Dejaynes, abuses Plaintiff:

  • Dejaynes intentionally or knowingly threatened Plaintiff with imminent bodily injury or offensive contact.

  • Dejaynes made the unlawful threats with the present ability to effectuate and carry out such threats and attempts into effect.

  • Dejaynes’ conduct was undertaken with the specific intent to cause Plaintiff fear or apprehension of imminent peril or other physical harm.

  • Dejaynes Bribed Plaintiff with food supplements prohibited by her treatment team;

  • Demanding that Plaintiff not report his wrongful, criminal conduct;

  • Warning Plaintiff that if she told anyone certain things that Dejaynes would get in trouble, and that Plaintiff would get in trouble as well

Case Excerpts include:

As a proximate result of the Dejaynes’ foregoing wrongful acts, Plaintiff suffered and will continue to suffer medically significant damages as well as both mental and emotional injuries, including, but not limited to, worsening of her eating disorder, trauma and co-occurring mental health issues, humiliation, and anxiety, as described...

Dejaynes found Plaintiff on the couch. He immediately sat down next to her and began to rub her shoulders. Dejaynes then rubbed the inside of Plaintiff’s thighs and finally began to fondle her breasts. Dejaynes murmured, “That she would be ok. He could take care of her.

Dejaynes approached Plaintiff, walking up to her from behind. He wrapped his arms around Plaintiff with his lips very close to her neck and said that if Plaintiff did not tell anyone, Dejaynes would supply her with Ensure®. Dejaynes told Plaintiff that it would mean a lot to him if Plaintiff allowed him to take care of her.

Dejaynes digitally penetrated another patient, groped her breasts and buttocks. Dejaynes then threatened that patient by stating, “his family is wealthy, and his brother plays professional baseball.” In a text message, Dejaynes stated, “I’m sorry about the other night. I do hope you’re alright. Just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve got you.” In response, that patient told Dejaynes, “Austin please don’t msg me again … I’ve got too much going on … I can’t do this anymore.” Dejaynes reply was, “Don’t do anything stupid [name redacted]. Remember, [emoji for keep quiet] it will be fine. You don’t want to ruin me right? I’ve done so much for you.” Dejaynes also stated, “I’ll be around still. You can’t get rid of me that easy. Just use your f*cking5 brain. Don’t be dumb.” Dejaynes then stated, “I’m all you have protecting you. Don’t forget that.” Dejaynes later stated, “How can you be so ungrateful. You know what I’ve done for you.” To classify Dejaynes as a monster would not be a stretch.

Claims against other Castlewood employees resulted in the discovery of an avalanche of additional issues and reprehensible conduct perpetrated by other Castlewood employees. On January 26, 2022, Gayle Devin, the current CEO of Alsana Castlewood issued a press release admitting that Castlewood “recently learned that … direct care employees might have been involved in inappropriate conduct involving a client receiving outpatient care at our St. Louis program. Based on our initial review, the allegations involve significant violations of company policy, and we have taken immediate action, including terminating employees and removing employees who remain under investigation from any client setting.”

Indeed, Dejaynes is simply one of the latest chapters in what has been the sordid and harm-producing history of Castlewood. This history has included but is not limited to:

  • A series of lawsuits brought by Lisa Nasseff and others against Castlewood and its founder, Schwartz accusing Schwartz of implanting false memories of sexual abuse, satanic cult activity, brainwashing and hypnosis ultimately led to the resignations of Schwartz and Galperin.

  • Accusations of Castlewood having violated the Americans with Disabilities Act brought by a woman who had a serious eating disorder, who allegedly was promised, but ultimately denied admission because she was HIV+ - claims that were successfully prosecuted by the United States Justice Department.

  • The Missouri Committee of Psychologists 2017 censure of Schwartz after a patient complained in 2013 about a lack of supervision at Castlewood, the investigation into which revealed that while Schwartz and Galperin were directors at the Masters and Johnson Trauma units at Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital in Kansas City and also at River Oaks Hospital in New Orleans, lawsuits were filed against these hospitals for implanting memories of multiple personality and satanic ritual abuse.

  • Castlewood’s hiring in April 2013 of Nicole Siegfried, who, for at least the nine (9) months prior to her being hired, had been investigated by the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology and placed on probation and practice supervision for one year for ... "failure to document professional work and maintain records and engaging in a multiple relationship, patient harm and exploitive relationship;”

  • Accusations by a current Castlewood employee in July 2021, that: “Leadership is very inexperienced. Due to high turnover [sic.] and difficulty [sic.] with finding qualified applicants in the surrounding area, there have been quite a few internal transitions that are not effective. Newly licensed individuals can/have become part of leadership or promoted within leadership without leadership experience! Those with lesser experience do not feel confident in receiving feedback from those who, frankly. barely know what they are doing themselves. There is a push toward only one or two modalities of treatment (IFS and attachment theory), with little insight or training to other effective modalities. There is also very little understanding of the impact of comorbid or co-occurring diagnosis on eating disorders, thereby lessening [sic.] the effectiveness of the treatment;

  • Blatant misrepresentations regarding its treatment protocol and the efficacy of the treatment afforded, specifically that its treatment regimens are “evidenced-based”, when, in truth, they are anything but;

  • In January 2021, being sued for violating HIPAA laws; Creating and fostering a racially hostile environment in which African American patients are denigrated;

  • A therapist, a defendant in another lawsuit mentally and emotionally abusing former patients;

  • Allegations of illegal drug use, alcohol use, sexual interaction and other unethical fraternization with patients.

download the entire lawsuit here:

Complaint - Filed
Download PDF • 506KB

Austine DeJaynes Direct Care Counselor Alsana Castlewood, St. Louis


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