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Fellow Alsana Victims,

On January 26, 2022 Alsana/Castlewood’s CEO released a memo confirming what we’ve known for over a decade. There is a systemic serious problem with that company. She went on to halt all new patient admissions, put several employees on leave, initiate an internal investigation, and retain a blue-chip international law firm for help. Alsana/Castlewood is in trouble, and they know it. The overall culture of the company is finally becoming readily apparent to all. As is Alsana’s moral compass. For a company as narcissistic as Alsana/Castlewood to admit there are any problematic happenings at all indicates they are in real trouble.

Here at CVU our inboxes immediately filled up. Previously silent Alsana victims now realize they are NOT alone in reaching out to tell their stories. At CVU we are here for them, and we are there for you. There is a roadmap here that can lead all of you to justice. Because there is strength in numbers.

You wonderful ladies didn’t go to Alsana/Castlewood for a fun vacation. For many admitting yourselves into that program meant your life and health had hit bottom. You were desperate and scared. You had exhausted every other option. Alsana/Castlewood was truly your last hope.

You were also vulnerable. Desperation and fear can tear a person down faster than nearly anything else. Perhaps your self-esteem was also at an all-time low as well. Despite being so deadly, Eating Disorders are often stigmatized. People, even family, and loved ones can view you differently. Causing you to feel judged rather than supported, during the toughest fight of your life. Perhaps as you were walking into the lobby of Alsana you were feeling more alone and isolated than you had ever felt before.

You then meet an entire team of therapists and employees. Hey, I’ve been all through all the Alsana/Castlewood websites. Most team members are attractive, confident, seemingly “together” folks with disarming caring smiles. Perhaps the Alsana team made you feel at ease. After a few days accepted and understood too. Maybe for the first time, you can remember you lowered your guard a little. You began to grant these folks access to your inner mind, and deepest thoughts.

Bonds form between therapist and patients during treatment. That’s natural and part of getting better! But only if the bond is strictly and professionally therapeutic. Your therapist and workers at Alsana/Castlewood are NOT your friends. They are supposed to be professionals retained to help you survive the most difficult challenges of your life.

When you are struggling, suffering, and Ill the window you’re viewing things through can become foggy. When is a seemingly kind, caring therapist really not what they seem to be? Answer this for yourself by answering a few honest questions:

Have you ever drank alcohol together with your healthcare professional?

Have you ever shared drug-based experiences with your healthcare professional?

Has there ever been ANY physical contact, intimacy, or sexual activity between you and your healthcare professional?

Have you ever spent time socially outside of the therapeutic environment with your healthcare professional?

Are you connected on social media platforms with your healthcare professional? As in being active Facebook friends, etc?

Have you ever felt your healthcare professional seemed to steer sessions into discussions about sex or sexual activity too often? Did you ever feel they might be enjoying that kind of discussion?

Has your healthcare professional ever called you or texted you to talk about anything that was not related to therapy? Like “just to chat”?

Do you consider your healthcare professional a “friend”?

Did your relationship with a healthcare professional transition from “professional” to “personal” after you were discharged from Alsana and therapy was concluded?

The answer to every one of these questions should be a resounding NO! But I want you to hold on to this next takeaway. What I say to you next is the MOST important part of everything here: Even if you answered YES to one or more of the questions, and even if YOU initiated a non-professional act or relationship direction, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT! The fault for any “YES” here sits squarely on the shoulders of the Alsana healthcare professional. A true ethical professional would NEVER allow any of these things to happen! Further, they are supposed to prevent you from ever believing any of these things should ever occur.

Do you feel that Alsana/Castlewood treated you in an unprofessional manner? If so then now could be YOUR time for justice!

Did you know that Alsana is under the professional umbrella of Riverside Private Equity Group? That’s right! A billion-dollar international company running over 140 businesses from restaurant supplies to athletic flooring systems (and oh yea, a residential treatment facility too) partnered with Alsana in your wonderful “treatment”. How much do you think Riverside really cares about you and your health? Check them out here:

Were you at Alsana/Castlewood before Riverside was bankrolling them? Then check out who had Alsana/Castlewood then:

Fellow victims of Alsana/Castlewood, if you were damaged or abused in any way by that facility you are obviously NOT alone! Alsana has the resources to compensate you for the trauma endured while under their “care”. Reach out to me at

I can email and chat with you on the phone. Then if you’d like, connect you with our network of attorneys around the country.

Justice is available to you. I am here for you. CVU is with you. Most important, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

God bless you and your loved ones. Stay strong my friends!

In solidarity I am, Bobby Fellow Alsana/Castlewood Victim Co-Founder of CVU


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