Alsana - Promotes Censured Therapist, Nicole Siegfried.

Alsana Castlewood Treamtent Center Promotes Censured Therapist Nicole Zieglier

Alabama places psychologist Nicole Joy Siegfried on probation. The Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology announced that it had placed psychologist Nicole Joy Siegfried on probation and practice supervision for one year for failure to document professional work and maintain records and engaging in a multiple relationship, patient harm and exploitative relationship

Nicole Siegfried, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. Nicole is currently the Chief Clinical Officer for Alsana / Castlewood Treatment Centers. She has worked in clinical leadership for eating disorder treatment in various positions at multiple levels of care for over 10 years. AND she was found guilty for engaging in numerous relationships, patient harm and exploitative relationship, and failure to document professional work and maintain records. Yet Alsana - Castlewood Treatment Center promoted her to a position of power anyway. I would expect nothing less from this disreputable company.

Doesn't sound like a "totally new team and new culture" to me.

Alsana Castlewood Treatment Center Nicole Siegfried Disciplinary Action

A prison term or revoked license has not always stopped a psychiatrist from later attempting to acquire a license elsewhere or even to take up unlicensed practice or practice in a sector of the healing arts that is not regulated.

Psychiatric and psychological professional associations do not police ethical breaches, violations of law or criminality in their ranks.

For these reasons, Citizens Commission on Human Rights developed this database that lists people in the mental health industry who have been criminally charged, convicted and/or sentenced as well as those who have been investigated and charged by state health care licensing boards. Utilizing this database and other investigative sources, members of the public, government agencies and others can track disciplinary or criminal cases, and verify whether a mental health practitioner has existing charges, and the result of prior charges including criminal or disciplinary records or convictions.

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