Recent messages from Castlewood & Mark Schwartz Victims

Mark Schwartz Castlewood Clinical Director and now running Harmony Place Monterey

Here are some excerpts from messages sent to CVU recently. It's important information for all of us know about. Names have been withheld to protect the authors' privacy.

Just some information...

So I attended Avalon by the Sea in Malibu California. While I was there I had plenty of encounters, group therapy and one on one sessions with Mark as well as his ex-wife Lori. Currently his brother owns the facility Jeff. After someone found out about all the lawsuits against him by googling his name. He sat down and explained things to us saying that it was all a lie and actually began crying mentioning his reputation is ruined. After that he and his brother Jeff have completed removed there names from the sites to protect themselves and keep money coming in. Greedy selfish twisted man. I hate him I hate him I hate him. I cant not believe he is still practing. I'm ashamed.

HELP - Please read and reach out to me ASAP!!

I was inpatient at Castlewood on two separate occasions from XXXXXX to XXXXXX. If anyone of you were a patient during those times and have no problem contacting me, please do so. I have many questions/concerns. I heard a lot of horrific stories while being inpatient, including cult stories. My inpatient roommate committed suicide while I was there. My memories, of my childhood, increased there with severity while being inpatient. I did participate in IFS every therapy session. I did have hypnosis with Lori. I was in Mark's "sexual" therapy group. Please, please, someone reach out to me!! Desperate,

Recent Castlewood Client....

Hi, So I was a client at Castlewood treatment center on and off until 2015. I currently still have friends that are clients right now. And I am very concerned. I have watched people, my friends included, enter castlewood with none or minimal trauma histories and develop lengthy, horrific trauma history's and DID (despite no previous dissociation). Ive read a number of the stories that came out around the time of the law suits and I believe every single one of them. I believe them because I have seen it happen myself. And it is still currently happening. Castlewood might have fired Mark and Lori, but the people that stepped up into their places - Nancy and Jim, worked under them and have continued where they left off. Peoples lives are being destroyed. I live in St. Louis and they have a great reputation here. People are referring to them from all over the country and all I can think every single time is another life destroyed. I have watched Castlewood for years now. I have names, facts, specific incidences. But I don't know where to go with it. I want to report them. I want to stop them. But I don't know who to turn to. They are powerful and will stop at nothing to protect their business. So I was hoping you might have some ideas of where I can go. A lot of people spoke out a while ago but that was centered around Mark and Lori and given that they are no longer with the business I feel like people are blindly trusting Castlewood again. And they shouldn't. I am, at this very moment, watching them still do the same things and ruin lives. And people need to know. For now I am emailing you anonymously. I will admit, I am scared of them. But I am also willing to speak out against them. I know a lot. I just don't know who to go to. So if you have any suggestions please pass them along. Castlewood has destroyed the lives of people close to me. They sucked me in for the longest time but I was one of the lucky ones. But I can't just sit around and watch countless other people walk in for eating disorder treatment and walk out thinking they have horrible abuse in their pasts and multiple personalities. So I am going to fight them. Any help you can offer me would be much appreciated. Thanks

I was there from XXXXXX to XXXXXXX in various levels of care. I continued seeing my therapist outpatient for about a year after that. I do remember all those people. Mark was very abusive, convinced me not to talk to my mother, I was on so many drugs that I could not stay awake for longer than an hour at a time, and I left with 12 diagnoses including schizophrenia and DID. I have been in treatment at ERC and am finally doing well for the first time since being there. I was so scared going to treatment that I was literally going up to patients and staff asking them if they were safe people on a daily basis.

Hi there. I was at CW2 between XXXXXXX to XXXXXX. I did have false memories that I believe were the result of inappropriate treatment and leading questions while vulnerable by Jane a therapist and Dick Schwartz. While there I was sexually assaulted by a male resident. Mike Rechtein was his therapist and Mike did nothing. Ultimately another girl was assaulted by the same person. The male who assaulted us was allowed to stay. I was kicked out after writing a suicide letter and having extreme delusions and dissociation

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