Castlewood Victims HELP HOTLINE! (845) 591-4823

If you, or a family member have been hurt by the therapists (past or present) of the Alsana aka Castlewood Treatment Centers please feel free to call CVU at our offices, (845) 360-1075. We will connect you with legal aid, reputable therapists, law enforcement, and best of all, LOVE AND UNITY! If you are a direct victim of Castlewood, or if you are one of the ever growing number of innocent folks victimized by Castlewood please call!

We will connect you to the proper authorities and attorneys in your home states that can help! This message is being typed by a father, that has had his entire life destroyed by Alsana / Castlewood Treatment Center. Trust me, I know your agony. Like you, I lost my daughter (and life, and only child in my case) to the Castlewood Treatment Center and their horrific "treatment" modalities.

Hey, to their credit, Castlewood has discharged in shame and disgrace their founders, the same "therapists" that destroyed my family. The same horrible cultists that have ruined so many of their clients and families. Take some time to review all our stories on and if you feel the need for help, give us a ring. Recent changes have been made regarding the "statute of limitations" for filing legal action against horrible therapy like that conducted at Castlewood. It's not too late. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! That's been our tag line for over five years now.

Each day we see more and more how we are NOT alone! Castlewood waking up and discharging their founders and primary therapists amid the infamous lawsuits and allegations was smart! But they're ALL still liable for the destruction they've caused. I miss my daughter more than you can imagine. She's gone forever. If you've had a similar Alsana / Castlewood experience write us here or call us. There is strength in numbers. If we save one family or even one person all this is worth it!

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