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Woman: Psychologist implanted horrific memories at St. Louis-area treatment center

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r anorexia patient is suing a Missouri treatment center, claiming one of its psychologists implanted horrific memories while she was hypnotized so that she'd extend her stay and run up a huge bill.

Lisa Nasseff accuses Castlewood Treatment Center psychologist Mark Schwartz of making her believe she had been part of a satanic cult that committed unthinkable acts and that she had been raped several times and had multiple personalities.

The St. Paul, Minn., woman stayed at the center for 15 months and racked up a $650,000 bill. Her attorney says he has been contacted by other clinic patients who make similar claims and are considering suing.

Schwartz and the treatment center's director, Nancy Albus, deny the allegations. She says the center will vigorously defend itself.

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