More Alsana/Castlewood Lies Surface

For years now Castlewood has been trying to call themselves “Alsana." In interviews with mainstream media their powerful position for years has been “we are not Castlewood." On their social media they boast about being Alsana. Endless public relation gymnastics all laser focused on distancing what they call Alsana from what they claim to reject, Castlewood. Well about a week ago one of their (purported) treatment team members sent us what she claims to be her most recent online employee portal paycheck stub. Dated a few days ago. (She purports to have worked at Alsana until several days ago.) What’s this now? Would ya look at that? Her paycheck this week is from, (wait for it, wait for it.....) Castlewood Treatment Center!" Shocker there! Can these narcissistic cultists frauds tell the truth about ANYTHING?

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