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Mark Schwartz
Lori Galperin
Dick Schwartz

Settlements Allow Schwartz & Galperin a Fresh Start at Harmony Place


After settling four malpractice lawsuits, one discrimination lawsuit brought by the US Department of Justice then receiving censure from the Missouri State Board of Pyshcologists, Mark Schwartz lost his license to practice psychology in the state of Missouri. Moving to California, Schwartz and Galperin have started over again in a store front facility in Monterey.  Here they practice everything from Marriage Counseling and Addiction Recovery to Eating Disorder Therapy an Trauma Therapy.  Dick Schwartz, the founder of Internal Family Systems ha followed them from Castlewood to Harmoney Place as well.  Anyone considering therapy should research these three thoughly.  Search the internet using search terms "Castlewood Treatment Center Lawsuit" and "Castlewood Victims Unite."   You will find numerous articles published by the major news organizations and testimonials from patients who suffered damaged as a result of getting mental health treatment from these three.