A Letter to Alumni from Dr. Jim Gerber Note: no mention of their true identity as Castlewood Treatment Center, they are embarrassed and running from their legacy.

Alsana Castlewood Treatment Center Patients speak out about abusive and unethical therapeutic practices that are still be used despite multiple law suits.

The Riverside Company, which bought Castlewood Treatment Center in December 2016 for an undisclosed price, hires new CEO in an attempt to turn the company's ugly reputation around.

The longer I stayed the more my stories intensified and my weight didn't change nor did my eating disorder behaviors.  I did participate in Mark's sexual group and I was hypnotized by Lori.

A brave former patient shares her experience at Castlewood, now known as Alsana, from a recent stay (long after Mark and Lori left)

Alsana formerly named the Castlewood Treatment Center: PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST MISDIAGNOSIS AND ABUSE From the Citizen Commission on Human Rights. Internal Family Systems, Richard C. Schwartz, Harmony Place Monterey, Mark Schwartz, Lori Galperin

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July 28, 2018

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