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Amy Kelly Fedor reviewed Castlewood Treatment Center on Facebook, November 29, 2016 — 1 star

I wish I could write a book about what Castlewood did to my family and me. 12 years after being there, not only do I still deal with the ramifications of what was done to me, but so do 2 innocent children. I was one of many who was made to believe I had DID and suffered unimaginable things at the hands of innocent people. I lost 2 of my children, almost my entir...

he former Castlewood Treatment Center patients claimed that, under the influence of hypnosis and psychiatric drugs, they were encouraged to link their current problems to forgotten childhood abuse. The false memories of abuse, according to the suits, exacerbated the emotional distress the patients were already experiencing. But the patients who were incepted with these emotionally disturbing and false memories aren’t the only victims of the discredited technique.

Tom and his ex-wife sent their daughter to an eating-disorder clinic called the Castlewood Treatment Center, outside St. Louis. In her five months there, Anna grew to believe she had recovered memories of a deeply abusive childhood that she had previously banished from her conscious mind. Since then, Mitchell has lived in the shadow of a horrific accusation: that he sexually abused Anna for more than a decade.

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