The longer I stayed the more my stories intensified and my weight didn't change nor did my eating disorder behaviors.  I did participate in Mark's sexual group and I was hypnotized by Lori.

Everything they talk about in the news articles is true. The women screaming whilst having "flashbacks" apparently reliving rape, torture, abuse, is a daily occurrence. But then there are also grown women giggling and rolling on the floor screaming for cookies (embracing their "child parts") a behavior which they learn in IFS therapy.

The bizarre nature of the lawsuits created a minor, short-lived sensation among the national press at the times of their filings. The first, dated November 21, 2011 — Lisa Nasseff vs. Castlewood Treatment Center, LLC. — alleged to gross malpractice suffered while undergoing “treatment” at the St. Louis eating disorders clinic. To quote directly from the suit:

“defendant carelessly and negligently hypnotized plaintiff at a time when she was under the influence of various p...

For reasons we can only speculate about, all of the reviews were yanked from the Castlewood Treatment Center's Facebook page last night. I am posting this screen grab of the my review as it appeared on Castlewood's page because I feel a moral obligation to warn others about the risks of sending a loved to a residential treatment center.

According to therapists who use it, hypnotism provides a method for allowing different personalities to appear. It has been shown, however, that patients treated by hypnotism are more likely to have certain symptoms and personalities.

Going in I was at such a desperate place in my anorexia & my mind was a mess from starvation. I was so lost but knew somewhere inside I wanted recovery & freedom. My treatment team used my desire to heal to their advantage. They manipulated my mind & memories to their breaking point.

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