The longer I stayed the more my stories intensified and my weight didn't change nor did my eating disorder behaviors.  I did participate in Mark's sexual group and I was hypnotized by Lori.

Alsana formerly named the Castlewood Treatment Center: PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST MISDIAGNOSIS AND ABUSE From the Citizen Commission on Human Rights.

In response to Deanna’s claim that that is not a current review of this program here is a current review –

1. They use hardly any evidenced based treatments. Their main treatment of choice is something called Internal Family Systems which has NO empirical evidence behind it. It is dangerous and encompasses such things as dark energy – the staff at Castlewood believe that when someone has been traumatized they take on some of the “dark energy” of their abuser, and, in some ways, start ac...

Here are some excerpts from messages sent to CVU recently.  It's important information for all of us know about.  Names have been withheld to protect the authors' privacy.

Just some information...

So I attended Avalon by the Sea in Malibu California. While I was there I had plenty of encounters, group therapy and one on one sessions with Mark as well as his ex-wife Lori. Currently his brother owns the facility Jeff. After someone found out about all the lawsuits against hi...

For reasons we can only speculate about, all of the reviews were yanked from the Castlewood Treatment Center's Facebook page last night. I am posting this screen grab of the my review as it appeared on Castlewood's page because I feel a moral obligation to warn others about the risks of sending a loved to a residential treatment center.

According to St. Louis Today (, other ex-patients of Castlewood Treatment Center are now coming forward to the press, with their own allegations corroborating some of the allegations in the complaint filed November 21, 2011 by Lisa Nasseff against Castlewood and its Director Mark Schwartz.

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October 12, 2000

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