The bizarre nature of the lawsuits created a minor, short-lived sensation among the national press at the times of their filings. The first, dated November 21, 2011 — Lisa Nasseff vs. Castlewood Treatment Center, LLC. — alleged to gross malpractice suffered while undergoing “treatment” at the St. Louis eating disorders clinic. To quote directly from the suit:

“defendant carelessly and negligently hypnotized plaintiff at a time when she was under the influence of various p...

Castlewood Treatment Center is doing it again. They are diagnosing an exceptionally large number of people with DID which is then "helping" them to recover memories of childhood abuse. Some of these people are my friends and I can tell you unequivocally that they do not have DID nor did they have trauma going in to Castlewood Treatment Center

In response to Deanna’s claim that that is not a current review of this program here is a current review –

1. They use hardly any evidenced based treatments. Their main treatment of choice is something called Internal Family Systems which has NO empirical evidence behind it. It is dangerous and encompasses such things as dark energy – the staff at Castlewood believe that when someone has been traumatized they take on some of the “dark energy” of their abuser, and, in some ways, start ac...


Just to be very clear my review is speaking to things I know to be going on at Castlewood right now, 2017. This place is one of the most dangerous places one can go. People walk in with no or relatively minor trauma and walk out with huge extensive serious trauma histories that they suddenly "remembered" while at Castlewood and diagnoses of DID (multiple personalities) - again with no history of dissociation whatsoever. The above review is correct- it is extremely similar beh...

For reasons we can only speculate about, all of the reviews were yanked from the Castlewood Treatment Center's Facebook page last night. I am posting this screen grab of the my review as it appeared on Castlewood's page because I feel a moral obligation to warn others about the risks of sending a loved to a residential treatment center.

Castlewood Treatment Center claims that they do not use hypnosis anymore, so they rebrand it as "guided imagery therapy" instead. The new CEO, Nancy Albus claims that Cstlewood Treatment Center has gone in a "new direction" since the ousting of co-founders Mark Schwartz and Lori Galperin. But from what I can tell the problem is far bigger than the both of them, and it is a long way from being resolved.

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