Throughout our time here at CVU we’ve been contacted by many parents asking about communication with their daughters while they’re undergoing “treatment” at Alsana/Castlewood. Usually, these queries are precipitated by a bad gut feeling they get while interacting with their daughter. In writing to, calling, or texting with their child some kind of parental “Spidey Sense” is triggered.

Woes continue at Alsana aka Castlewood Treatment Center. Apropos of Alsana's initiative, patient abuse continues into summer 2018.

Alsana aka Castlewood Treatment Center promotes psychologist Nicole Siegfried to Chief Clinical Director. Siegfried was on probation for engaging patient harm and exploitative relationships

Castlewood Treatment Center, is now named Alsana. Same Castlewood Therapists, same Castlewood locations, different name. Don't be fooled. Censured therapist, Nicole Siegfried, named Clinical Director. Unbelievable!

A Letter to Alumni from Dr. Jim Gerber Note: no mention of their true identity as Castlewood Treatment Center, they are embarrassed and running from their legacy.

The longer I stayed the more my stories intensified and my weight didn't change nor did my eating disorder behaviors.  I did participate in Mark's sexual group and I was hypnotized by Lori.

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October 12, 2000

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