2018 Castlewood Treatment Center Patients speak out about abusive and unethical therapeutic practices that are still be used despite multiple law suits.

In the lush hills overlooking Castlewood State Park, a secluded clinic attracts people from across the country who have tried and failed to overcome an eating disorder.

Pictures of Castlewood Treatment Center in west St. Louis County show a homelike sanctuary where residents practice yoga, sit around a fireplace and sleep under down comforters.

That idyllic image was shattered last month when a Minnesota woman filed suit against Castlewood and its director, psychologist Mark Schwartz, al...

In an attempt to censor negative reviews from its Facebook page, Castlewood removed all reviews both good an bad, but not before I got  a bunch of screen shots.

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During a three-month stay at Castlewood to treat an eating disorder in 2010, Brooke Taylor of St. Louis was falsely led to believe she had been sexually abused and had multiple personalities, according to the suit filed earlier this month in St. Louis County Circuit Court. "I like to use the word 'bully' when I refer to individuals that work there," Taylor said. "They make you believe that they have all the answers."

Lisa Nasseff and Leslie Thompson, who stayed at the Castlewood Treatment Center for treatment of eating disorders, have filed separate lawsuits against the center and its chief psychologist, Mark Schwartz, with similar allegations that the women were brainwashed into believing they had been sexually abused and involved in satanic cults.

A Minnesota resident, Lisa Nasseff (31) is suing Castlewood Treatment Center in Ballwin for allegedly treating an eating disorder with psychotropic drugs and hypnosis. Nasseff spent 15 months between 2007 to 2009 in the care of psychologist Mark Schwartz at the center for treatment of anorexia. It was there where Nasseff claims, Schwartz brainwashed her to believe she had been raped, suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, and had also, on more then one occasion participated in sa...

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