So, Jennifer Steiner did an interview with Blythe Bernhard of the St. Louis Disptach, and it went just as terribly as you would expect for Alsana - Castlewood Treatment Center. We’ll get there in a second.

The most insufferable, unsurprising, part happened before the interview itself, When Riverside Company, the owner's of the "new" Alsana - attempted to scrub Castlewood's existence from the earth. In theory, this is a good thing. We’ve been calling for actual accountability from C...

Woes continue at Alsana aka Castlewood Treatment Center. Apropos of Alsana's initiative, patient abuse continues into summer 2018.

Alsana aka Castlewood Treatment Center promotes psychologist Nicole Siegfried to Chief Clinical Director. Siegfried was on probation for engaging patient harm and exploitative relationships

Castlewood Treatment Center, is now named Alsana. Same Castlewood Therapists, same Castlewood locations, different name. Don't be fooled. Censured therapist, Nicole Siegfried, named Clinical Director. Unbelievable!

A Letter to Alumni from Dr. Jim Gerber Note: no mention of their true identity as Castlewood Treatment Center, they are embarrassed and running from their legacy.

Former employees of the Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders, now known as Alsana, speak out about the maltreatment that occurs there.

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October 12, 2000

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