Everything they talk about in the news articles is true. The women screaming whilst having "flashbacks" apparently reliving rape, torture, abuse, is a daily occurrence. But then there are also grown women giggling and rolling on the floor screaming for cookies (embracing their "child parts") a behavior which they learn in IFS therapy.

Going in I was at such a desperate place in my anorexia & my mind was a mess from starvation. I was so lost but knew somewhere inside I wanted recovery & freedom. My treatment team used my desire to heal to their advantage. They manipulated my mind & memories to their breaking point.

After reading our content at Castlewood Victims Unite and conversing with us directly they decided to send their daughter elsewhere.

"After spending so much time feeling alone in my trek through hell I was fortunate enough to find some relief. Sadly the relief I found was through someone else's pain. The brave woman to first file suit against The Castlewood Treatment Center. What strength it must have taken to come out and come forward. I latched onto her story and it helped begin some healing for me."

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October 12, 2000

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